We Believe in redefining what is Adventure


With Triple M Safaris our goals is to make only Safari and Mountain Climbing but also to make everlast memory of your adventure. We can explore things which is outside of your expectation. Surprise with Triple M Safaris to our customers that ir our goal

Kilimanjaro Climbing

Experience Mountain Climbing with Triple M Safaris

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Wildlife Safari

Adventure of life time, experienced the safaris like you never had before

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Beach and Cultural Tour

Zanzibar beach the unspoiled beach and cultural tour maasai with hadzabe bushmen

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What Make Triple M Safaris Special.



Triple M Safaris, make success rate over 90% for new Mountain Climbery

So you know how the world free standing Mountain Mount Kilimanjaro tested, its adventure of your life time and good thing you can made it to the summit too (uhuru Peak).

Msafiri Munna will be your guide together with team under his supervision to made you climing sucessful and enjoyable. Make your climbing schedule today..

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We spend time to together on advice on what the best choice according to what they want, we gave them best advice and on top what to add more to make it more enyoyable



We spend a great deal of time considering what our customers expect and what do they want, experienced they haved and what they wnat to add from it



WeThen with careful knowing what our customers want we deliver according with their expectation, hence this made us to have high rate of customer satisifcation than before


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The Machame route is traditionally the most popular out of the seven Kilimanjaro routes, recently overtaking the Marangu route with about 50% of climbers using it…

6 days Serengeti safari in Tanzania itinerary is designed to witness the annual wildebeest migration of on the endless plain of Serengeti, also Grummet River crossing on…

The Marangu route, famously known as the "Coca-Cola" route as you can get a bottle of Coca-Cola at each hut, is the original route established…

6 days Safaris, When it comes to picking your next holiday destination, Africa is the best destination. Nothing more incredible than heading out on safari…

Tarangire National Park is the sixth largest national park in Tanzania’s. Located slightly off the main safari route,a lovely, quiet park in Northern Tanzania.In addition, It is…

  Shira is one of the lesser utilised routes, which progresses up the mountain from the west side. Just like the Lemosho trail, it is…